Want to know the best Doctor Strange 2 characters costume for 2022 Halloween

Doctor Strange 2 costume

In Doctor Strange 2, the characters were introduced with new costumes, and some added layers of enhanced costumes create a great look. The large group of superheroes featured in the film required some extra work, and costume designers did many research works for better outfits. They had to visualize how the various characters would look and how they would be presented to the audience. 

For this movie, Kevin Feige wanted to upgrade Doctor Strange’s costume. In previous movies, he had been in the same costume. Even though he had become a Master, he was still wearing the disciples’ costume. He wanted to use this new movie as an opportunity to get a new looks for him so that he could finally wear a Master’s costume. It was important for him that Stephen Strange was wearing a Master’s costume instead of the old costume that he had previously worn in the MCU. The new leather cuffs and the boots are also more prominent. The cloak of Levitation additionally has a more majestic look, with details around the Eye of Agamotto.

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Doctor Strange 2 costume

Other character’s costumes in Doctor Strange 2

During the Blip period, Wong became the Sorcerer Supreme, replacing the character played by Stephen Strange in the first film. To maintain his new status, they had to update his costume. In the film, he wore a simple tunic with brown and blue details. The suit has gained more depth in The Multiverse, with vibrant colors such as blue or gold. 

In the movie, Palmer only appeared for a short time, but it showed how important she is to Stephen Strange. During the Blip, she had moved on and believed that he was already gone. She is now getting married to someone else. Her wedding dress is simple and elegant, and her makeup is also simple. Her bouquet is made of beige and white roses, and her hair is done in a high bun. 

The Strange and America meet Christine Palmer in the main building of the Illuminati. Unlike her Earth-616 counterpart, who is a medical doctor, she is not a doctor and was an investigator for the Baxter foundation. She wears a white lab coat and quickly ditches it. Her hair is in a straight, blue-colored streak, and it features a belt. Her hair also has a red color, which contrasts with the deep blue of her tissue. Her appearance is similar to that of a variant of Strange introduced in the first scene with America. One of the members of the Illuminati is Captain Peggy Carter, who is responsible for protecting Earth-838 from Invasions.

Her full-body suit is dark blue, and it features two white stripes that run across her shoulders and chest. It’s similar to the colors of the United Kingdom’s flag. She also wears this shield, which is called Captain Britain.

In the mid-credit scene, Clea is introduced. She meets Strange, and they go through a portal in the multiverse. Her outfit in Doctor Strange is similar to one she had in the comics. It features a corset and padded shoulders, which give her a royal-like posture.

Her cape is similar to her pants, and it features circular motifs. Being a gloomy variant, he wears a dark blue and leather brown suit. His cloak of Levitation is nowhere to be found, and his hair is pulled back. His beard is also longer than the one sported by the MCU’s Strange.

In the multiverse, she wears a denim jacket that’s inspired by the colors of the American flag. Her physical invulnerability is also represented by her casual clothes. These are not covered, which is a fitting symbol of her character’s physical condition.


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